'Only for this service' checkbox for Knowledge Base in Agent Desktop

When a service is set in the bottom left corner of a draft in Agent Desktop, ticking ‘only for this service’ for the Knowledge Base applies a filter to only show templates/articles that have that service assigned in ‘Services’ for the Knowledge Base Article item itself.

However when ticked all folders remain showing, even those that are empty (due to checkbox filter), is this normal behavior or a bug? It doesn’t make sense to show empty folders when a filter is applied. We have a lot of folders for various teams/services, showing empty folders when the filter is applied makes the checkbox feature somewhat redundant since the folders are what we’re trying to hide (as they’re not relevant to the team/service).

For reference, in the screenshot green is where there are items in the relevant folders/subfolders that are linked to the service I’ve set, whereas red is where there are no items in the folders (‘no data’) which ideally would be hidden by the checkbox filter. So wondering whether it’s working as designed or if there is something wrong. Thanks.

Travis, thank you for posting.

Your observation is spot on and will be addressed in an upcoming release. Your configuration is correct.