Auto-reply per services

Has anyone had experience with Auto Reply set up per email service?
Looking for similar function that is used in outlook for “out of office” messages, but would be more easily accessible if activated in BP.
While BP Knowledge Base can be used for default or selectable article as agent reply, it’s not usable for automatic reply, or it seems so.
Thinking to use sort of workflow set, but have no idea how to activate it for new cases in email service.

Hello -

I do have experience with this. If I understand you correctly, I think you are looking for Auto-Acknowledgement configuration within the tenant admin.

You will create an auto-acknowledgement (or multiple) within your knowledgebase, then select it on the Services/Email tab
Mine looks something like this:

Here is an example of my knowledgebase auto-acknowledgement

And my knowledgebase looks something like this:

Thank you Derek!
This worked… now :slight_smile:
I tried this already yesterday without success. It seems the connection or something else was too slow to activate and I thought it’s not the function I was looking for.