Inhibiting Same Caller in Virtual Queue Multiple Times

Is there a way to inhibit a caller from entering the virtual queue multiple times?

During extremely busy periods we have noticed callers will enter the virtual queue, and likely due to impatience or uncertainty if we called them back will call us a second time and place another call into the virtual queue.

It would be nice to be able to identify if the number already exists in the virtual queue and/or overwrite it’s position.

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Sounds like a great feature request, i’ll move it to a proper category.

There is a potential solution - to use Contact Db with custom field or any external db to store and query that caller’s call back status. And that may allow you to check if he already has an active call back.

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Hi Brian,

I’m not sure if BP has the functionality out of the box, will probably go check once once have time.

To accomplish this what i would do is:
-As Ivan advised,use/setup ContactDB/ Own db, anywhere you can store the callers CLI and date last called
-On your scenario, on each call entry you do a search on your DB for the callers ANI/CLI
-If dont exist, create/insert the cli/last call date(TodaysDate),
-If exist you want to return last call date, If last call date is today, this tells you caller has called you and was offered VQ already today, route them to the non VQ route, if last call date is not today you offer them the VQ route
-Obviously you would execute the update/insert/lookup just before you offer the VQ to the caller