Call Backs and Rescheduled Call bakcs

The campaign I get, that is pretty easy. How is this done within a scenario for an incoming call. The caller doesn’t want to wait 5 minutes in queue listening to call music and I don’t blame them, but we are short staffed.

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Callbacks can achieved via call back block as shown here.

Also, there is a template we have that might help you build an IVR off of. If you click on the add template icon shown below at the bottom left, you can select “Virtual Call Back”.

From here, you can pretty much just copy and paste what you need for your solution in the call to action. Call to action meaning, when a caller places that call back request and it is fulfilled, the agent is put into reserved status while the system dials the number and asks if you would still like that call back.

The idea is that if the system is dialing back a number that is being answered (via answering machine or whatever), the caller MUST press an option in order for that call back to be completed and the caller will be connected to said “reserved agent”.

Here is some additional documentation. If you need help or have any question getting this put in for your existing solution, please let us know.

To reschedule a call back, make sure the disposition selected by your agent is a non-final disposition.