On-hold music playback during object Fetch,Search,Update,Delete

Good Day Team,

I hope this can be logged as a feature request.

In BP, when using any of the integration objects, Dynamics, Saleforce, Zendesk or Internal BP , for some integration work i have notices some delays during a search, update e.t.c, this is not long but noticeable to the caller as during the time BP conduct’s this lookup the caller is left listening to ‘dead air’

What would be nice is if these objects can be enabled with concurrent on-hold music playback, while the system does a fetch/search to external system/db, the caller can hear some music during this time instead of the ‘dead air’

Let me know what you guys think?

Hi @Melinyaniso_Mapi -

There is already a pretty easy solution for this built right into the scenario. All you need is to add a “Play Prompt” object with your Earcon Jingle/Wait Loop Audio/Etc. before your “FetchURL” block, and check the box for “Exit immediately and continue playing prompt in background”. The next step is to place a “Stop Prompt” block after the “FetchURL” to stop the audio so it does not continue play until completion or until the next prompt is encountered.

In my example below I have a “Wait” object to simulate my FetchURL taking longer than expected, so I have time to hear the new audio. I hope you find this information helpful.

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Thanks Derek, BO did come back to me and advised on the use of the object