Hold tone for Agents

Is it possible to set the hold tone that the agent hears when the agent puts it on hold?

This is because we want to prevent the environmental sound from being heard without the agent noticing that it has been put on hold.

We believe that audible sound is an important option for intuitively noticing that an agent is on hold.

Yup. You can.

In the admin portal, go to call center configuration and then audio treatments.

Thank you for answering.

However, if you operate this setting item, it is the customer who can hear this music on hold.
What I want to do is to let our agents to hear a hold tone when the agent presses the hold button.

Hello shuhei.sakaguchi -

If a customer/caller enters the queue and is entered by an agent and that agent puts that customer/caller on hold, then the customer/caller will hear holding music. As you probably already know, the Agent doesn’t hear anything.

If I am understanding your ask correctly, you would want a reminder beep, tone or message to be played to the agent while that customer/caller is on hold.

Can you please reach out to our support team and request a PER along with a business use case? Would would be happy to forward that to our Product Management team on your behalf.

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Hello Jeff

Thanks for your understanding,

And I understand that situation.

And I offered PER to our businesspartner in japan named “Communication Business Avenue”

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Shuhei Sakaguchi