Major issue updates for queued customers

Customer Service Lines can experience very large call volumes if a problem with a service occurs
Before a proactive message can be put at the start of the IVR to inform people, 100’s of calls could have already been queued
Its important to keep these queued customers updated.
Asking for a feature that would allow a conditional and dynamic prompt to be played to inform queued customers of an issue – it would need to be able to check external systems to see if the outage applied to the Caller and if so then play back a prompt using TTS to give the details.

You can include a shared prompt into on-hold music, and keep it empty at most times. Record it over the phone in case of issues and it will play to everybody in queue in between music segments. Then the required feature would morph into and API to update shared prompts, and using text, too :slight_smile:

Hi @Richard_Green

It sounds like what you might be asking for is an enhancement that would allow for a scenario “sub-routine” / “workflow” type function that would allow you to run some logic every X seconds while a customer waits in queue. If the “sub-routine” detects or encounters this technical condition then it can trigger a play prompt for this purpose. This option could be used to do so much more than what you are proposing on the surface. Not only can you check external APIs, databases, CRMs, but could also send a text message, email, alter screen pop data, and generate dynamic audio almost like streaming a station.

I could definitely get behind an option like that.