Microsoft Teams User Presence

Hi all, just wondering if BP is capable of read/write integration with MS Teams so that Agents presence within MS Teams reflects when they are on an active call within BP?

The BP integration with MS Teams includes support for both directory and presence. Teams users appear in the Agent Desktop directory with their status, and BP agents are listed in Teams with their status.

You have to use your Teams client as a phone device for that to work.

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Great that makes sense. I’ve been doing some testing of Teams direct routing and that seems to be working. If I’m selecting MS Teams as a phone device, is there anyway for it to automatically accept/connect to an outbound call? At the moment when I dial out, I need to accept the call in Teams first before the phone call will connect.

And then one extra question (thanks for your help)! is it possible for internal consults to SME’s (inside of Teams but not BP) to show up that the AGENT is calling through for a consult? At the moment it just shows the service’s number, but not that a specific agent is calling through. I was hoping Teams as the phone client might allow consults to show agent → agent call identification within Teams.

Correct, for updates to presence, the Teams client must be used as a softphone. MS does not currently support an API for updates to the status of Teams users.

Due to the way the routing is setup for the Teams integration, the number actually comes through via the service number and not Teams, so that information is not available.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or requests, thanks!