Bright Pattern Integration with Microsoft Teams

Bright Pattern Contact Center now integrates with Microsoft Teams in release 5.6. This brings telephony access to Teams users while meeting the unique needs of the contact center, without any additional 3rd party solutions. Let’s look at the specific features inside and what that brings to an organization.

The integration starts with trunking for Microsoft Teams. This includes PSTN access, support for SRTP, and a fully developed IVR, connecting Teams to phone users. Because Bright Pattern Contact Center is integral to the solution, it provides built in features for phone users like call recordings and queueing.

Direct numbers and dial out access is available for 365 E5 licenses, and E1 or E3 with MS phone system license added. For environments without those licenses, Bright Pattern can still provide phone access via the auto attendant.

Support for MS Teams also enables agents to find help from experts in the organization with access to Teams channels and directories in Agent Desktop. The directory includes presence indicators that are updated in real time, so when a Teams user is busy or away, it’s visible from the contact center. Additionally, with Agent Desktop users logged in with Teams as their softphone device, their status will update across the Teams platform. This links the contact center with business users in several useful ways. Contact center users can find an expert in the directory, and if available, discuss information through chat, voice, or a customer interaction. Agents can post questions to a channel, and business users can respond to resolve matters quickly.

To recap, integration with MS Teams and Bright Pattern contact center provides trunking, real time presence updates, access to Teams directories and channels, and unified communications between Teams, the contact center, and their clients. There is no third party software needed. Bright Pattern delivers the contact center solution organizations need, with trunking for MS Teams, and integrates the two platforms to work together seamlessly.

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Great news, Is there a BP help page where steps to integrate with MS Team is documented?
Thank you in advance.


Documentation will accompany the upcoming MS Teams release, and we’ll have announcements sharing more about it as it gets closer. There will be a complete setup guide, and if you have any specific questions, we’re happy to answer.