Service and Team settings

Hello my extended team,
Here I am again with a complex problem and trust you guys will support.

Scenario is: We have a service which is handled by two different teams with same skill levels and only separated because they just sit in two different regions for reporting purposes. Query is: One team wants auto answer and other doesn’t! Any way to create some differentiation? using Find agent region or something (never used it though)?

Hey Jovi,

I thought there was more than one place to set that, however I can only find it in the Connect Call Node. Leaves only one option I can think of. after the ‘Find Agent’ set a ‘Get user configuration’ node to get the team. Then based on the team send it to an appropriate ‘Connect Call’ node. Though you have to be careful with how many nodes you have between ‘Find Agent’ and ‘Connect Calls’. You could end up sending more than one call to an agent.

If someone has a cleaner method I would like to hear it as well.

Is there anything that separates them from their user configuration?
Different email domain, Softphone number schema, User ID schema, Login ID schema?
Example: If they are all on the same team, but separated by region, we could say that
Users in Region A use softphone extension in the following format: 5XXX
Users in Region B use softphone extension in the following format: 6XXX
The between the Find Agent block you could add an IF block to evaluate for the identified agents softphone extension and route to the correct Connect Call block accordingly.
Use the $(destination) variable to evaluate your Agent Softphone Extension.

Thanks @Derek , this one seems an elegant and simple solution to capture the extn and do the magic although I will keep this only for extreme cases and not to introduce the unnecessary complexities. Thanks