External customer satisfaction survey

Hello, I have a Chatbot that also transfers to an Agent.
If the customer chooses an option to transfer to an agent I am pulling a survey before transfer to eval the BOT attention.
The survey has options from 1 to 7, is there a way to put smileys instead of numbers?

When the interaction finishes I use a survey where I can change the design to stars, sliders, or radius but this is not the case as I’m doing bot and agent survey on the same interaction and I need Smiles :slight_smile:

Hello -

You could select the “Full chat code for local hosting” option to download the web chat package, then customize to your liking. You would then host this from your own web server. Don’t forget to follow the instructions on how to configure the default.html to point back at your Bright Pattern tenant and service.
Information found here: https://help.brightpattern.com/5.3:Tutorials-for-admins/Chat/HowtoUsetheChatWidgetHTMLSnippet/en


Full chat code for local hosting - Click this if you will be customizing chat and hosting it on your own website. Bright Pattern provides this code for customers whose websites do not accommodate integration with Bright Pattern chat.

You would then edit the “client-chat-page.html” for the survey content and replace the stars class with your new smiley class and images you have created.

Here is a snippit of one of the stock survey questions:

<div class="field-wrapper recommendSurvey radioStars">
	<div class="description">How likely are you to recommend our products and services in the future?</div>
	<div class="stars">
		<input type="radio" name="recommend" id="recommend-1" value="2"><label for="recommend-1"></label>
		<input type="radio" name="recommend" id="recommend-2" value="4"><label for="recommend-2"></label>
		<input type="radio" name="recommend" id="recommend-3" value="6"><label for="recommend-3"></label>
		<input type="radio" name="recommend" id="recommend-4" value="8"><label for="recommend-4"></label>
		<input type="radio" name="recommend" id="recommend-5" value="10"><label for="recommend-5"></label>

I hope you find this information helpful.