How do I save a survey response chat

As is well known for a satisfaction survey in voice interactions, the information is stored in 3 variables:
(first_call) (contact_satisfaction)
$ (NPS_raw)
The concern arises for surveys of satisfaction of chat interactions, the same performance is handled, this given that a chat survey is sent through a Request Input.

Whether you use the built in default survey, or your own - this is saved in the same way that the voice surveys are saved, and would be available in the same way in reporting. The survey mechanism for storing results is the same, and is independent of channel.

The block which writes the data to the survey table is:

A chat scenario which demonstrates invocation of survey is attached

To learn more about building a survey form , please see the documentation for the Chat Widget “In scenario forms” -

In which report is the survey results found?

These results are located in the agent performance report, details may be found at:

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