Bi-Lingual Chat Functionality and Build

I am reaching out because we need some assistance and guidance in building and configuring Chat on one of our contractor websites. We have already completed a number of the necessary components and integration but need help getting it home. After reviewing your documentation and discussing we would like your assistance to help move this project to completion that much faster.

Among our questions and pain points:

  1. The website is going to have to support both English and Spanish speaking contractors. What is Bright Pattern’s best practices for building this? For instance do we just build everything twice, 1 for English and 1 for Spanish… or is there a better way to gracefully construct this? My feeling is that based upon your guidance it may bring more questions.

  2. While we are capturing some of the variables and passing them into the Chat we need to know/understand:
    A. How do we prefill fields but also allow the chat initiator on the website to edit those fields?
    B. How do we pass those fields so they are visible to the Agent answering the chats?

  1. Assuming that your website will have a different URL for either english or spanish, you may create two different chat widget entries, depending on the URL.
    If that will not be the case, Customer may select, or language selection may be passed as a parameter - if either of these will be the case, then you may use the same scenario, but simply request different skills (presumably), and present different forms (if needed) based on the language identified for use

  2. You would prefill, and present those fields on your web page, allowing customer to edit them, prior to passing them to our chat scenario. When customer is ready/confirmed, you can pass variable data to us following the method outlined in our javascript variables for chat document found here:

You have a number of different options to present to an agent upon delivery, but the most common is to echo the data back via a “Send Message” block in the Chat, prior to connection. Agent will be able to see the system messages upon delivery. Alternatively, you may wish to present an activity form (please find the form builder documentation here), or via a text screenpop upon delivery to an agent - all parameters from chat are available as $(item.externalChatData.YOURPARAMETERNAME) from within scenario