Chat UI Rendering on Mobile

Is there a way to modify how the customer facing chat UI renders on mobile devices? Right now, when we pop a pre-chat form or if the customer initiates a chat, the UI takes up the entire screen of the mobile phone. We use other chat applications that allow the chat UI to take up the lower half of the screen which allows customer to continue to interact with the website during the chat interaction. From what we can tell, once Bright Pattern chat is open, it completely obscures the website and there is no way to minimize it to get back to the website.

This is an older conversation, but just in case you haven’t found a solution yet.
You can download the full chat code onto your web server and edit the code to your satisfaction.
You can use logic that would determine if the screen aspect ratio is under x pixels high and x pixels wide to then change to using a mobile friendly set of CSS objects. This would help you control which view to display based on different devices.

You might even be able to accommodate some of this without the downloaded chat code, but you would have to make sure that you had JS and CSS running after the built-in Bright Pattern JS an CSS runs.