Chat Integration

Our ideal scenario for Live Chat is that we’ll front the Live Chat with our own bot, and then the bot will hand the conversation off to the Live Chat when appropriate. Does house all of the necessary integration documentation for this, or is there additional documentation that you can share for our developers to review?

All of the necessary information on the chat integration can be found on the help site. There are two methods for hosting the chat: simple and advanced. In simple, you use a basic java script code block on your site that executes the chat on your tenant (as you’re using with the iframe). The advanced option involves obtaining a copy of the chat code where you may host certain elements of the chat (or all) to meet you needs as described here:

To use the out-of-the-box application, click the HTML snippet button, copy the HTML snippet code, and embed it into your web page(s). Normally, it is not necessary to change the default client web server hostname . You will do so only if instructed by your service provider.

To create your own application with the full chat code, click the Client application button. A zip file with the code of the out-of-the-box application (see above) will be downloaded to your computer. You can modify this code to match the look and feel of your company website, and implement additional application functionality using the Mobile/Web API.

The the Mobile/Web API and the chat snippet should be all the documentation your team needs. If you do have any questions or need anything further, please let us know.