Starting with a chat bot and Bright Pattern

We would like to implement live chat (fronted by our own bot that performs a handoff to the live chat/agent) and co-browsing and we have a few questions too get started
1) Services

 a) Will the live chat operate through 1 channel/service, or will there be different channels/services based on the type of question, similar to voice?

2) Reconnect Capability

 a) What level of reconnect capability do you have?  If the user refreshes the browser, does that sever the chat session?  If so, does it attempt to reconnect?  If the user navigate away from the page for 30 seconds and then returns, is it still active?

3) WebRTC Protocols

 a) Do we need to implement WebRTC protocols on day 1, for instance for voice escalation to the live agent?  If not, what do you recommend from your experience?

You may use the Request Skill/Service block in a chat scenario just as you would with a voice scenario. This can be done using input from the pre-chat form and variables named $(item. externalChatData .fieldname)

Reloading a page with an active chat will retain the current chat. Closing the browser will terminate the chat session and a new chat will need to be established. Chats that may span multiple pages will work so long as they are all apart of the same root domain. Navigating away from a page not associated to the chat widget’s scope will also terminate the connection (for instance, going to google on the same page/tab as the chat).

WebRTC is required for voice in chat and this is hosted through your instance on Bright Pattern. So long as WebRTC is not blocked by your organization, no further action should be needed. Testing is always recommended before making the feature production. Another option is to chat the number to the call center that the customer may dial as a separate interaction.