MessagingChat - snippet does not work in Incognito

Hi, the chat snippet does not load in Incognito mode.

If we download and locally host the full chat code, this seems to fix the issue.

If we host the full chat code locally, and keep the out of box code the same, can we still make changes in the admin without having to export the full chat code again? I’ve tested a few changes and it appears to reflex in the widget without any changes to full code. I’m just wondering if there are any changes in the admin portal that would require us to re-download the chat code?

Can you confirm?


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First of all, this is how browsers in Incognito mode works, we can do nothin with it, the browser will no allow any storage data from any but the main domain.
The chat gets all the configuration from the API each time it loads. So there is no need to re-download it.
Though you have to re-download it after the Call Center upgrades (when the version of the BP product changes), cuz there could be some changes in the client side code.