Speech-to-text integration for the hearing impaired


We have a user who is requesting speech-to-text assistance, is there a feature we can install to allow the Bright Pattern softphone to meet this accommodation request? If not, what solutions would you suggest? We are looking at hardware solutions as well, but are curious if a specific device is recommended to integrate with our system and allow the agent to have calls transcribed live.

At the moment, we do not have functionality for real-time transcribtion of text

TTY devices would typically be used by the hearing impaired party.
Bright pattern does not internally contain any functions that would limit TTY devices and therefore should be compatible with them natively. We cannot guarantee compatibility with 100% of devices but our signal processing on our voice channel is fundamentally the same as any phone call. This means that anyone calling into a Bright Pattern agent with one such device would be able to send their voice signals and interpret ours the same way.