BPClient install file


  • MAC:bpclient_mac.pkg, Windows: BPClientSetup.exe

What functions does the above installation file provide?
(ex. network check, call quality improvement, etc…)


Agent Desktop Helper Application

Contact center agents, supervisors, campaign operators, and back-office (PBX) users access Bright Pattern Contact Center via the Agent Desktop application, which is a web application that runs in all popular browsers. Although most of the Agent Desktop functionality is implemented using thin-client technologies, some of its capabilities require a software component that is installed on users’ computers. This component is called the Agent Desktop Helper Application .

In the current version of Bright Pattern Contact Center, Agent Desktop Helper Application provides the following functions:

  • Softphone (SIP/RTP endpoint)
  • Screen-pop dialog
  • Logging
  • Indication of audio device changes
  • Alerts on all audio devices
  • Screen recording
  • Screen monitoring
  • Key-press detection for presence status updates
  • Voice quality monitoring
  • Simplified .NET API support

For more information about the application, see the Agent Guide , section Agent Desktop Helper Application Quick Start, and section Installing and Updating the Agent Desktop Helper Application.