Workflow steps view

Where can I see the workflow steps taken by an interaction? something that looks like the scenario steps in interaction records? is there a page in admin where I can view that?

Hi Mark,
personally I don’t know any of that. You can always check Wokflow execution in the server logs (activity server) but any user-friendly interface has not been implemented yet. Perhaps, that could be filed as PER.

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Hello mabude -

Can you please contact our support team and submit a PER? We would very much like to have something like this for our customers.

Thank you,

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Thanks Team! I’ll file this as a PER on the support portal.

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Mabude, you should be able to access this via the ‘Interaction Records’, if you click on the interaction/recording it should list all the execution steps taken by that interaction

The other options is going via DB , scenario_contexts or scenario_steps_counters tables joined using the id column should give you data on that interactions steps, this is if you looking for the actual data