Limit on interaction steps?

It appears that only a specific number of scenario steps are loading when viewing via the Interaction Records. It seems to only load 200 steps? Is this expected?

this is expected behavior - Anything beyond 200 steps in the Scenario will not be displayed in the Interaction Records Steps.

If you need to investigate in more detail, the remaining steps, you may do this with Scenario Engine logs

  1. Find the GIID of the record you would like to investigate
  2. Pull associated Scenario Engine Logs by time
  3. Search for the first occurrence of the GIID in the log
    “Generating new GIID for the call; GIID=XXXXXXX”
  4. Find the Scenario instance GUID (usually right below, close to the line mentioned above)
    Scenario XXXXXXXXX (BP Support): STARTED
  5. You may then search your logs for Scenario XXXXXXXXX (BP Support) to get all of the scenario steps executed
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