Customer history


Is there a page or function that allows you to check the history from the point when the customer calls in to the end of the call?

please answer about my question.
thank you.

You could look at interaction records search and click on scenario name in results - it will show you all blocks, the exist taken and timings - is this what you are looking for?

Interaction records cannot be checked after connecting to an agent. I want to see all the records until the call ends.

Within the interaction records, you can see next interactions associated with a call by clicking the next/previous button shown here. This is helpful if you need to be able to see what happens after an agent transfers a call internally.

Thank you for answer.
I can’t find the next/previous button.
How can I activate the button?

I found the next/previous button in the interaction records.
What I am curious about is the history of the customer including the interaction records and until the call is closed. (ex, connected agent, call time, who ended the call, etc.)
Is there a function to check all the history?