Сценарий, который

How to create a script for incoming calls, the meaning of which is to separate the priority of a call. For example, make a call more priority if we know in advance the list of numbers from which they will call.

Hi Argent -

When you say script, are you referring to the IVR Scenario builder? If so, you can manually set priority using the Priority block. I would recommend keeping this number to the number of 1-9 using decimal place to the tenth as an in between.


I hope this helps.

In addition to what @jeffrey.bristol commented:
You have multiple ways of determining the route of which the call would take.

  1. You could use and IF block to see if one of the numbers (ANI or DNIS) is detected then alter the priority of the call accordingly.

  2. You could leverage the use of a mechanism like a back end DB lookup, an API, or the Bright Pattern List Management API to maintain a list of the high priority callers and their numbers.
    5.8:Api - Bright Pattern Documentation

  3. If the higher priority calls need to happen to a specific DNIS (To number/Dialed number) you can set the desired priority on the scenario entries for that scenario/access number/etc.

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