ANI Passing and Manipulation

I know there is a variable to pull the caller ID (ANI) but is there a way to set it or change it within the scenario? We are trying to send out different caller ID’s on dial outs based on a service.

Sorta, yes…but not within the scenario. You’ll need to ask BP support to add a caller ID so they can pulse out a caller ID based on service. That said…

This is a very good way to have your number get banned or marked as spam on carriers. So take caution if you are going to do this, particularly is you are dialing the same people multiple times.

Maybe clarify the type of change you want to do to the ANI, prefix/suffix,?

I use the following logic to strip prefix 0 to replace with international dial code +27 , in this scenario i have already collected/stored/saved the ANI into a variable ,