Caller To Agent Priorities

I know that you can skill agents in a weight percentage. That only determines the priority of agents that would receive which call though.

Is there a way to “visa versa” that? We have a number set up going to a scenario that a lot of other calls go too and this specific service tied to that number needs to have #1 priority to reach an agent. In other words, if there is a call in queue waiting for 5 minutes, and one of these specific calls enters the queue…it must absolutely be answered first as an “emergency” call.

We had something similar too. Support directed me to the “Set Priority” block within my scenario. The way it was explained to me is that it acts as a multiplier on priority. So if a call sits in queue for 1 minute but has a “Set Priority” of 5, then the system treats that call as though it has been waiting for 5 minutes.

I was also strongly warned against using this unless absolutely necessary as it breaks virtual queue (Call Back Feature). I don’t know about their official position on the value of using this, but it was advised that if this is used on a queue with virtual queue turned on…never exceed the value of 9. However, the block accepts decimal points so there really is a lot of values you can use. 5.5, 5.1, etc…

Just be prepared to answer the question a lot of…this agent is at 100 and this is at 50 but why did the agent of 50 get the call first. It gets hard to get mangers to understand that in my experience.

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