Several Activity Forms for one record

We are considering a new enhancement related to Outbound Campaigns, and we would like you to share your experience.
Do you have cases/processes when agents could fill several activity forms for one record, and you export and handle activity history fields for all the forms, not only for the last one?
I mean:

  1. The system dials Customer N, connects them to an agent. The agent fills Form A and reschedules the call (manually or automatically).
  2. The system dials Customer N again, connects them to an agent. The agent fills Form B and marks the record as completed via appropriate disposition.
  3. Managers/third party systems download campaign results and use both Form A and Form B.


Hi Mariia,

i’m not sure if this is part of the LIST API as have not seen it there, so this would be based on DB extraction of the completed forms data

I think this should be possible and is retrievable as each lead dialed/presented to agent with form enabled, data is stored in the respective form table, and you can link back the list record to the results and form, for the bad news though this seats in the mongo db, so bit of a process to map and link it back

In mongo for each imported list you can get its imported records in the collection named with prefix callingList e.g callingList68ac47de50d74514863712d3c96c83cf, outbound list results being stored in the collections named with prefix tr e.g trBAA0B74B140D443583DEFB72BADAAAF9, as for the form that contains captured data they’re named with prefix fr e.g frbaa0b74b140d443583defb72badaaaf9,

I hope this helps