Can I send information my agents collect in an activity form to an external database?

I’ve created a simple activity form to record customer answers to questions while speaking with agents - can I send these answers to an external database after the completion of the call?


  1. Enable internal contact database
  2. Create custom activity history fields, checking persist in activity history
  3. Map your activity history form fields to the custom fields created in Step #2
  4. Assign your Activity form to the inbound service(s)
  5. Please note that activity history forms are cached when logging into the agent desktop, so at this time, the agent desktop should be logged out/in
  6. In your scenario, ensure that a call is associated with a contact (real, or a placeholder), using the identify contact block
  7. Create a new workflow assigned to the service(s) above
  8. Include a Bright Pattern Search object to search activity history - use the global ID - please note that the global ID variable name differs between scenario and workflow
  9. Your custom activity history fields will be returned in the array from the search above
  10. Invoke either the DB Execute, or FetchURL blocks to write the full data set back to your location of choice

The interaction must end with this data saved and it will persist in activity history. Once in Activity History, you will use a workflow to search for the Global ID of the interaction and then a DB Execute or FetchURL (to a RESTful endpoint) to write the data where you need it.