How to pass Outbund list information to Workflow

Hi Guys,

Help would be appreciated on this, i have a AOD campaign running from a list, what i want to do is setup a workflow and pass the list information to it e.g customer name, surname, account no, the outbound dial mode used is Preview

To access this information on my activity form i’m making use of $(workitem.fullInfo.XXXX), this works on activity forms but does not pass the information to workflow.

Workflow variable $(outbound_data) seems to contain this information in json format, is there a easier way to reference this information without using the $(outbound_data) since already presented in the activity form?, and if $(outbound_data) is the only available way, any formatting help to extract this from the $(outbound_data)?


This is the workaround i have implemented for now to get this to work, as stated i would have thought the list fields are available and can be pulled making use of $(workitem. or other internal BP since information is already part of the routing

On my initial post i stated that this information is presented and available in the workflow is via the $(outbound_data) variable, however to extract returned fields/data in a workflow i could not find a way…maybe someone can advise

Something i did not mention is the business case for this requirement, After each call we need to post/write into the clients CRM/API endpoint the call outcomes so they keep this reference information/outcomes on their CRM

To get it to work for now

  • I’m triggering the workflow based on dispositions
  • Once in Workflow i then do a DB execute to write the fields into a DB e.g currentdatetime, GUID, interaction ID, $(outbound_data)
    -Once i have the $(outbound_data) in a table i then filter this based on required fields inside it and map this as fields
    -In the Workflow i then do a DB execute to select and return these fields as part of a recordset
    -Using these fields i can then do a Fetch URL to post the returned fields into a the clients endpoint

I would have preferred to do the formatting without a DB call, but for now this is the only option i have to get this to work