Looking for easy way to search calling lists for phone number

Is there a way for me to search the system (preferably via API, but manually will work I supposed) to figure out which Calling List a phone number is in?

You’ll need to pull campaign results and search out of that export.

The is no easy way, you can use the List Management API (Query Record) or you can also use the DB if you know how BPstores the information in Mongo or export option as stated by That_IVR_Guy

All these options requires that you know the list+campaigns as you would unfortunately have to reference/specify the one you want to search against, which will not be easy if you have to search for the phone number across multiple lists+campaigns

The list management API is a great way to approach this. Yes, you do need to know how to use a restful api tool to query the number, but i recommend that any admin learn to do this. It is a very powerful tool that you can integrate into your inbound call scenarios to query and update a record for a customer that might be scheduled for a call later.

You can also scan through the list under the “Contents” tab of the lists within the tenant admin or export the list results and search.

I bet I could even write a quick chat scenario that would query the list for the number and return the record if found or display no results if not found. Really there are lots of possibilities to tackle this problem.

I hope this helps.