KB templates as variables

Is it possible to use a variable within a KB template that pulls in another KB template?

For example use #(templatename) within another template in order to pull content to have one source of truth (i.e. rather than having the same content repeated in multiple templates, which means updating/editing multiple templates rather than just one)

Hi Travis -

This might be a PER that we would need to get with our Product Management team. Can you please submit a case with the business use case for this and we would be happy to forward on your behalf.

Thank you,

What if 2 articles refer to each other - infinite mirrors :slight_smile:
Cool feature - what would you use it for?

I imagine there would need to be some logic to not allow an infinite loop like that :slight_smile:

Variables or templates that can be re-used would make template management easier and allow for one source of truth and one place to update if it needs changing.

For example rather than having to update the same content in 5 different templates, you only need to update it once in a variable template which is then pulled through to the other 5 templates.

I’m not sure if anything like this already exists in Bright Pattern that could potentially achieve the same outcome.