BPXML custom reports & email_kb_article_id column


In the above documentation it mentions a column for email_kb_article_id with the description “Identifier of the article used for replying to this email”.

I’ve tried using this column in a custom .bpxml report for email details but there’s no values being pulled for this particular column. We’re definitely using KB articles/templates in email replies and was hoping to identify which article(s) were being used in our emails.

In the KB config I can’t see a unique id for articles/templates, is there actually a unique id associated with KB articles/templates in the background which I simply can’t see it in the UI?

When I export KB articles I can’t see anything in the YAML file for a unique ID either, leaving me to think there isn’t one.

Is the email_kb_article_id column supposed to pull values, where a template has been used in an email reply?

This isn’t very clear what you are trying to find out. If no values are being pulled when using this field “email_kb_article_id” in a bpxml, it is possible that you need to upload a Jaspersoft version, but all this will pull is the ID of the kb article, not the article itself. The YAML file that you are exporting will not contain the ID number so even if there is an ID number to tie it too, you can’t link it to a report unless you use a SQL statement like crystal or mysql. If I were you, I would request an enhancement with BP. I think you can submit a case for this to them requesting one. Otherwise try using mysql to dump the contents of these tables and use a join to tie them together in a report.