BotContext variables

I am trying to find a way to log/pass what the customer is saying from an Ask A Bot action to a variable and/or rest call. We are creating an incident but for this one we want the details of the body to be what the customer said during a prompt in the Ask A Bot flow.

I see that response[0].msg is an option but it seems to only show me what is in the Assistant Responds dialog box.

Is there a place in documentation that shows what options/variables are available? I am currently using the IBM Watson assistant.

The Chat Bot Select Account block will override the Ask a Bot block if both blocks are in the same scenario. I recommend removing one or the other (placing in to a different chat scenario) and testing. You may make a backup by opening the scenario and selection “save as”.

Here is the context from the community post regarding internal messages:

Send internal message and testing variables

Last and most importantly is being able to test variables in your Scenario to ensure that the correct data is being gathered or other endpoints are working. Having to wait 15 minutes for interaction records to aggregate and write can be too long between testing methods and having instant feedback will help with Scenario development. This is where we use the Send Internal Message block.

While testing with a dial in entry point, you will be able to call your internal number and immediately have feedback from the Internal Message block. In this case, the agent logged into Agent Desktop would need to be administrator. The internal chat will return the values of (fetchURLResultBody) and (fetchURLResultCode).
Use the Internal Message Block to output the value of a variable in a Scenario at that time. You may use the same block multiple times to see if the value populates, changes, or remains the same. As an alternative, the email block can be used to send an email instead of the internal message, but this method is slower and uses up more resources.