Expiry Period setup for Emails Survey

Good Day Team

Hope we not the only partner with a client with this requirement.

We have migrated a client to BP email/cases, we just implement post email survey for them, what they want is the ability to expire the post email survey sent to client, currently if the survey link is sent to client, this link is always active, so client can open a link now and give a rating of 10, come back a week/month later and give a rating of 0 which means for client report ran this week can show 10, next week show 0 on the same rated item

What would be nice is BP ability to expire the email survey link after

  • If client rated the email survey already, he/she must not be able to open the link again
  • If client has not rated the email survey we need to expire the link after X number of days, hopefully the X being dynamic and can be setup from the admin console

Hope this makes sense, your thoughts?

Hi, we have not had a similar request but thanks for bringing that up. That may pop up soon from a customer We’ll do our investigations and contribute here on how that can be achieved.



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