Customizable days for scheduled 'List' Import

PER: Idea
Hello -

I have had a few requests from tenants that would like to see a ‘days of week’ added to the List import schedule. Currently, when a list is scheduled to import from SFTP/FTP it is every X hours, minutes, or days. What has been requested is a way to only import Monday through Friday. It could be nice if there was some way to hook it into the ‘Hours of Operation’ calendars. This way it only runs on days that are in HOP. I understand that we would have to configure the list for the specific calendar since there isn’t a service tied to the list import mechanism. Which would be okay, as well. I am aware that the client could also just leverage the List Management API and build their own scheduler to insert these records from a client owned server/system, but there has not been much interest in that approach.

Add this functionality would help:

  1. prevent error emails being sent out to all the admins on the weekend
  2. allow for more granular control of the import days in the event the client only wants to import on Mondays.