Outbound Dial Rules. Retry use-cases

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I’m a new junior PM in BrightPattern. May I ask you to share your experience on outbound dial rules?

We know, that if a disposition is set, we can make the system to call again with Retry or Action (Wait/Reschedule).
In which cases do you use Retry? Are the same tasks can be accomplished with Reschedule Action (since 5.20 we can set Reschedule interval in minutes)? Why not?

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@Remi_Gapcloud.com.au Can we out usecases here?

The information you have requested can be found in the help docs at this link


Retry indicates whether the called phone number shall be retried within a short period of time. Retries are to be used for dispositions indicating attempt failure due to a short temporary condition (e.g., Busy or Phone network unavailable). Such retries are considered to be part of the same calling attempt. Select the checkbox to enable retries for the given disposition.

Retries with the same result do not increase the “attempts per number” count, until the different result happens. And only then the next attempt counted (out of “Maximum attempts per number”).

Retry interval

Retry interval is the period of time in minutes between retries. It must be specified if the Retry option is selected.

Reschedule interval

Reschedule interval is the amount of time in hours in which another attempt to call this number will be made if Action is set to Reschedule. This field can be set in minutes, hours, or a combination. Manual rescheduling takes priority over the default reschedule interval specified here.

What I choose is entirely based on the use case. If it is important to make contact today, then perhaps I will use the Retry. If I do not want to annoy the callee then I might use the reschedule and push it out 8 hours so the call will happen the next day when my contact center reopens.