Bright Pattern Salesforce Integration - MFA Requirements for SSO

I received the below notification from Salesforce and was wondering if/how this will impact the Salesforce Integration with SSO to Bright Pattern? I have not yet enabled the MFA in our Salesforce environment and wanted to see if this has been covered yet with Bright Pattern.

Security Notification
On February 2, we sent you an email announcing a future requirement to enable Multi-Factor Authentication to help all Salesforce customers protect their valuable business data. With that in mind, we made a mistake in not explicitly requiring MFA for SSO users.

We have updated our requirement to make it clear that MFA is necessary for SSO logins to Salesforce products. I encourage you to begin implementing MFA as soon as possible, either by enabling it directly for your products or for your SSO solution. To learn more about your options, check out the Salesforce MFA FAQ. You can also post questions to our MFA Trailblazer group at any time.