What does it mean when the message "A network connectivity issue is impacting your phone device" is displayed in my Agent Desktop?

Agents periodically see this message - what does it mean?

A network connectivity issue is impacting your phone device.

This is an indication that your Agent Desktop does not have a voice connection to the system. If you intended to login with a phone, but the phone is not active, a banner is shown that cannot be closed and you are placed into a special “Not Ready” agent state.
This message may be shown if you are logging in with one of the phone options and do not have the Agent Desktop Helper Application installed on your computer (or the corresponding Chrome extension if you are using Chrome as your browser). See section Installing/Updating Agent Desktop Helper Application for more information.
Note: Your attempts to install/update Agent Desktop Helper Application may be blocked by your browser (depending on its security settings) and/or some anti-virus software running on your computer. Typically in this case you will see a warning message asking you to either cancel or confirm the download/install. Choose the confirm/allow/proceed option to proceed with the installation/upgrade. If in doubt, contact your system administrator.
You can check if the component is installed on your computer by looking up its name in the list of installed programs ( Windows Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features ). For the Chrome browser, you should also check whether the corresponding Agent Desktop Chrome Extension is installed and enabled in your Chrome browser ( Chrome > More tools… > Extensions ).
If the above components are installed and enabled, the next step will be to restart the Agent Desktop Helper Application:

  • Log out of the Agent Desktop.
  • Close the browser.
  • Close all other tabs and windows of all other browsers.
  • Open the browser that you normally use to run your Agent Desktop.
  • Log into the Agent Desktop normally.
  • Restore all other browsers’ windows and tabs as needed.

If you are using the Dial-in and keep line open option for your phone, redial the designated number.

  • Depending on the type of your connection, this message may appear for a moment when you log in. This is normal. Your Agent Desktop will be fully functional as soon as this message disappears.
  • Prior to Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.3.16, this error was named “SIP phone has lost connection with the system.”