How we can integrate our voice bot system into BP


Hi! How we can integrate our voice bot system ( to create a conversational IVR. I’ve followed through the tutorial to get Watson set up, and since we are able to mimic Watson API requests and responses I’ve got the system somewhat integrated.

Currently, I am able to receive the text from Bright Pattern from a voice call, but the bot response is either not being detected by Bright Pattern, or there is an issue with the TTS. I’m unable to troubleshoot. That’s the other thing I need help with – access to error logs to aid the tech team on this.

If I can have some of your time, I can take you through my setup and show you were the call fails. I’m sure it’s something that can be solved pretty quickly.

I would recommend to use Fetch URL instead of Watson Assistant, that way you’ll be able to call your REST endpoint without the need to emulate Watson. Assuming you are following tutorial, simply replace Ask A Bot with a Fetch URL to your own endpoint (and delete Chat Bot Select Account block).

Re: using Internal Message block for debugging, in case of using Fetch URL ,you would be able to see the response code and the response body in the variables (integrationResultBody) and (integrationResultCode).

To test TTS, set a variable to some text, then use Play block to play a prompt that uses that variable. In case of scenario in the tutorial above, set bot_phrase to “test text” using Set Variable block and then Play Con_IVR prompt