Question on Port 5060

We are working with a client in the UK and they have pushed back on a requirement to open port 5060. In the local requirements documentation there is the following note;

“On the client computer side, UDP port 5060 open for the SIP softphone.”

The documentation further explains that,

“The Agent Desktop Helper Application, which implements the SIP softphone function, will try to open this port automatically during installation. This attempt will normally succeed for the Windows native firewall. If a third-party firewall is used, this port may have to be opened manually.”

In EMEA, we implemented the recommended an advanced configuration to support the use of SIP port 5080. Does port 5060 still need to be opened on local firewalls?

Hi Tim,

No you don’t need to open 5060 if you already moved to 5080

Thanks - that is what I thought however, wasn’t sure that was clear from what I read. Cheers,