Softphone Solo Manual configuration


I’m struggling with manual configuration in Softphone Solo.
hard phone / agent setting were applied as help document and I’m able to setup using default configuration screen but ended up with “greyed out solo Icon” using manual configuration option.
here are my softshone solo configuration…

HTTP(s) URL to access the system : https://local.sip.test
Tenant name: local.sip.test
login : 9900
password : *******

when apply button pressed… Softphone Solo said “Configuration successfully retrieved. Your phone number is 9900.”

phone number: 9900, SIP domain : local.sip.test
SIP server address: : 5060
Authentication user name : 9900 , Password : ******
Registation interval: 90 seconds

softphone icon greyed out…

I logged on server to inspect sipprocessor log, it looks like this.
DEBUG 2022/08/26 13:24:18.143.002 DialogManager.cpp:597 | findDialogWithoutTags - not found, no callid
WARNING 2022/08/26 13:24:18.143.003 Authorizer.cpp:462 | The number 9900 is not found in dial plan. Rejecting REGISTER request.
DEBUG 2022/08/26 13:24:18.143.004 Authorizer.cpp:407 | Domain is not valid - silently abort the transaction

What am I missed?? Please give me some advices…

Hi @jongseung_kim

When the agent logs into the agent desktop they have to change the phone device to default hardphone.

The hardphone 9900 must be configured as the default number on the user profile.

Once you do this, the Softphone Solo will show red or green depending on your agent state.