Question about email reporting

When does the data for an email transaction get aggregated and written to the database?
Our client is asking about this use case:

On Monday, an email arrives after HOOPs closes at 8pm - say 9:15pm. It will be queued for the next available agent, who won’t be online until 9am Tuesday morning.

At 1 am on Tuesday morning, the daily data export job for the the previous day runs, exporting the historical data from Monday into a file.

I assume that the “Monday” data file will not include any info about that email, because the record is still open- the email in question was still in queue when the export job ran. When that email gets routed to an agent on Tuesday, it will show up in the “Tuesday” datafile generated early Wed morning, where it will show up as queued for 13 hours before it was handled by an agent.

Is this a correct interpretation?

If you have set the emails to be pulled from the queue, the first report that will be run after the email had come, will add this email to the queue metric.

As well as there will be shown the wait time before first answer by the agent.