Outbound campaigns and Voicemails


We are interested in learning about the capabilities available at BP for dealing with voicemails in an automated outbound campaign. Can our system recognize when it reaches a voicemail and end the call accordingly? Is it possible to automate leaving a message in case a voicemail is encountered? etc etc

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Hi Jovi -

Yes, you can detect answering machines/voicemails. While there are settings in the platform to detect answering machine, it isn’t always 100% accurate at detecting. In my experience, it is best to build your outbound applications to try accommodate for those instances where it does not catch that an voicemail was encountered.


You can build a voicemail specific scenario when the answering machine detection does correctly identify.

You can also define in the Dialing Rules what happens for each detected event type.
In the example screen shot I have setup Answering Machine and Announcement dispositions to start a custom voicemail scenario that plays versus the regular scenario that would play if it was a live person.

I hope this information is helpful.

  • Derek Greenwood