Mass Installation Of Agent Desktop

We have a technology product management systems that allows us to deploy software on a mass scale. The agent desktop app works fine for a use that logs in, but it isn’t hitting all profiles within a particular computer that is shared.

Anyone run into this yet?

Actually yeah. We have an EPM product that lets us do the same thing. You can get an *.msi file from support. Hit them up and they can help you out.

I ran into this years ago and I wrote a Windows Batch Script that I implemented into the login script within the Active Directory / Domain controller that checks for the installation of the bpclient/Agent Desktop Helper applications (and the version) within the user profile. If the version does not match what is defined in the script, or the software is not installed, the script will install both. I later improved the script to allow the uninstall of older versions of the bpclient.exe before installing the newer one. This was to support major release updates. This all worked pretty well. I had very few issues once the script was up and running.