Is it possible to get giid and stepid values from rest api to process phone calls records in third-part integrations?

I was able you find docs about how to download separate call. Here: BPCC Interaction Content API
but unfortunately wasn’t able to figure out how to get list of all stepids & giids for new calls in our call center to use them in this api call. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

H Hanna,

The stepid is available in a voice scenario. You can save it into your own variable and then use in a workflow.

Would this help?
What is your use case?


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Hi! Thanks a lot for reply! I’m working on integration for one client of bright pattern. I tried to understand how i can fetch chats and voice records to third party application from bright pattern api. So i found this docs which i provided earlier how to download voice record by this 2 ids (giid & stepid) but wasn’t able to find smth like for the chats, and wasn’t able to get list of all avaliable voice records and chats to download. Seems that there are no API implemented for that or i missed smth? Also seems that i need to access the database of client directly to get more info about chats, about marks and comments etc. But i don’t really understand where to start.

Will be appreciate any guidance or suggestions. Please let me know if you need more details on that.

The chats can be exported using periodic export via SFTP, along with the interaction metadata in CSV. The API to export transcripts is in works, you can ask your customer to file an enhancement request to raise the priority of that feature.

The historical DB spec is here 5.3:Reporting-database-specification/Purpose - Bright Pattern Documentation I think you are interested in evaluation_results and evaluation_results_details tables.