Last Agent Routing

Our expected experience for Last Agent Routing is to have a returning caller speak to an agent they previously spoke to, based on service selection. So if I called just now and chose service Computers, i get to speak with an agent dealing with Computers. And if I called again but this time I have a query about Service Kitchen Items, I don’t think the Computers agent would be able to help me much.

But that is what’s happening with the current config for last agent, where users keep going back to the last agent they spoke to, despite selecting a totally unrelated service.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation and if they’ve found any work around to ensure that last agent + service selection are considered before routing call to agent?



Remi, I would use internal contacts to identify the caller and then keep last agent login id in a custom contact field, one field per area of expertise. Keeping last agent in a contact record also allows reassigning a contact to someone else, just by editing the field manually. I hope this helps!