How do a call get distributed to an agent


I understand that whenever a call comes in, we look for the skill and then the available agent and the call gets connected.

but how does this happens? is there in a inbuilt ACD which does this? how does the actual routing happens to an agent is it the above process only.


I found the best detailed explanation => here.

In short it depends of your Routing set in Omni-Channel Routing.

In short interaction looks for:
Routing set
Spare capacity (in most cases ready state)

If multiple agents satisfying these conditions are found, the system will select one of these agents using the following criteria in the specified order:

  1. The agent with the highest skill level(s); the highest level is determined by the following formula:
  2. The least busy agent at the moment; based on Capacity share taken by each interaction currently processed by this agent (as per Omni Channel Routing capacity set)
  3. The longest idle agent; based on the sum of times of continuous Ready and Not Ready states since the last handled interaction
  4. The least occupied agent; based on agent occupancy since login
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Thanks Sirje, this helps.