How recordings get saved

what are types of recordings that are available in the BPCC environment? and how they get stored in DB?
is it agent based or network based recording? does RTP server collect DTMF input and save recording?

Hi Adhitya,

there are two main types of voice recording - mixed channel mode and a single channel mode (only one party at a time, each party has it’s own file) . Both are created on the RTP server side. And stored on the same RTP servers. The second type is short living and available via API only (it’s for integration with 3rd party voice analytics systems).

DTMF is collected and saved in recording (unless the special option - “Mute DTMF” is not set for this scenario

This Helps, Thank you very much Ivan.

just a clarifying question: is it RTP server that helps in playback of audio/wave files which are configured via the play prompt block on the scenario’s?

yes, it is RTP server