Storage Requirements

Could you tell us how many GB we have to take in mind for these options:

  • 1 hour of call recording per agent.
  • 1 hour of screen recording per agent.

please see the documentation link

Excerpt for your convenience

Resource Requirement
IP Version IPv4
Network Bandwidth 100 Kbps * maximum number of concurrent agents * 1.2 (to account for IVR traffic; can be set to a higher value if self-service is used extensively)

See the previous section for additional per-agent bandwidth for screen monitoring/sharing/recording and video calling|
|Network Configuration|Priority (QoS) for RTP traffic

A separate subnet for computers hosting Bright Pattern Contact Center components recommended

Full redundancy recommended|
|Reporting Database Size|3.1 MB per agent per working day|
|Audio Recording Storage|Regular call recording, where speech of all call participants is recorded to the same file, is performed in the GSM format. For regular recordings, allow 5.7 MB per agent per working hour.

Multichannel recording, where speech of each call participant is recorded to a separate file, is performed in uncompressed PCM 16-bit format. For multichannel recordings, assuming a small percentage of conference calls, allow for 125 MB per agent per working hour.|
|Screen Recording|The VP8 codec is used for screen recordings. For screen recording playback (when merging call recording audio and screen recording video), audio is transcoded from the GSM codec to the Vorbis audio codec, and audio and video are saved in the WebM format.

Storage varies greatly depending on screen resolution, the intensity of screen changes, and some other factors. As a very rough estimate, you can expect the size of color screen recording for an hour of typical office work (low intensity of screen changes) on a computer with 1200 × 1600 screen resolution to be around 25 MB. Note that the grey scale screen recording option is available per tenant to help save space.

Port 45170 is used to host screen recordings.|
|Power|Redundant PDU/UPS pairs recommended|
|Elasticsearch|For Elasticsearch machine sizing we recommend 4 cores, 16 GB RAM, and 200 GB HDD on initial installation. Further sizing depends on usage and can be determined here:|