Instance Audio recording format

i come with a question, im sure this can be useful for more users.

Is it possible enable call recording in FLAC stereo format? this is needed for speech analytics process.

Christian - we do not have FLAC support, however you are welcome to review the option to enable uncompressed multi-channel audio recordings
Enabling uncompressed multi-channel audio recordings allows your contact center (i.e., tenant) to provide higher quality (no additional lossy compression) recordings separately for each participant in the call for the purpose of speech analytics export. These recordings are accessible only via the BPCC Interaction Content API. Such recordings are available as an addition to, not a replacement for the regular highly compressed recordings for long-term storage.

Uncompressed multi-channel recordings are enabled on a per-tenant basis. This feature is not enabled by default. Once enabled, the uncompressed multi-channel recordings turn on/off simultaneously with the regular compressed recordings, using the existing rules for the regular compressed recordings.

Thanks Greg! we will check this out