How to switch between languages in Scenario?

Hi there!
We have developed a scenario where we say to customer specific greeting voice file. We created 2 versions of Shared Voice segment with our greeting: for english language and for german. But the issue is that we hear it in english only while we want to spell this greeting in german. How can we do that?

Hi Claudia!
The solution is pretty simple.
As I understand you are using “Play Prompt” block to inform you customer with a greeting. If you navigate to Languages tab for “Play Prompt” block you will find all languages that are set for this block under “Languages in use”. Let’s say you have a shared voice segment “Hello” which has 2 versions of speech uploaded: in Eng and in Spainish. Next you go to “Play Prompt” block and, click “Add” and go to “Languages”. Then you should set languages in use for your block -> add two languages Spainish and English. Go back to “Prompts” tab and create a new entry, you will see that you are prompted to set voice segments for both Eng and Spain versions along with prompt name. Set both segments to shared voice and choose “Hello” for both - the system will automatically choose which language to use based on: A) default language setting in “Play Prompt” block under Languages in use tab B) Set Language block in scenario (if you have any) which will override Languages in use settings. Please let me know if it helps.